Mombasa, Kenya
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Omar Elmawi

Executive Director, Muslims for Human Rights (MUHURI).

Human Rights

Well-equipped to navigate complex terrain of human rights and environmental law

Environmental Law

Tireless advocate for social and environmental justice

Social Justice

Dedication to social justice and human rights

About Me

I am currently the Executive Director of Muslims for Human Rights (MUHURI). 

I am a husband and father who is deeply committed to community service. I am passionate about climate, environmental, and energy issues and work tirelessly to promote sustainable solutions.


“For over 4 years, Omar has been a key, innovative, strategic, and critical leader in the struggles, national and global, for energy transition, climate change, and overall safe ecological safe planet.”. His work on resisting coal in Kenya, standing with communities in pushing for their rights and pushing for just renewable energy as an alternative to dirty fossil fuels has been exemplary.
Omar is the type of youth leadership I have been advocating for, and I am honoured to have been part of his career progression thus far and will continue walking with him throughout this journey”

Prof. Willy Mutunga
Prof. Willy Mutunga

(Chief Justice of Kenya 2011 – 2016)


Samia Bwana
Samia Bwana

Founder of the Halal Safaris Africa Ltd


Mutemi wa Kiama
Mutemi wa Kiama

Revolutionary & Community Organizer, Common Good Entrepreneur

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